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Code of Ethics

Swiss Tool was built upon a code of applied ethics and philosophical forethought to ensure success and survivability 60 years ago. As applicable as these principals were then are they even more so now in a hostile climate that is seemingly dedicated to cheap prices, cheap quality, and cheap relationships.  We stand in direct contrast to this.

First, our products are made here on Long Island, New York in the great United States of America. We have done business in New York since day one when two immigrants made this their new home. We don’t buy aluminum from China, Egypt, Russia or from one of a thousand different salesmen who have come knocking on our door over the years extolling their virtues. Ownership’s question was always the same, “Was it the best”? At this, each salesman found their way to the door. American Made isn’t a slogan, it’s a philosophy. When your founders choose this country to live in because of everything it is and represents, do you seriously believe they would compromise that for pennies?

Over the years the forms fly. “Do you buy conflict metals?” We answer, “Why would we? Never have. Never will.” Our morals don’t vacillate with the value of the dollar on the exchange.  Is your factory safe? Why wouldn’t it be? We’ve had employees for forty years. They are friends. Family. Why would we ever consider putting them in danger? For the dollar? We value our morals higher than that. We have representatives from our insurance carriers and the state that periodically inspect our facility. They leave always with praise that they have never seen a factory as clean as this.  Do we have a recycling plan they ask?  Since day one we answer. When you come from wont you use every bit of everything. Always. From an inch of metal to an ounce of oil to a square of cardboard. We waste nothing.

Our home. We have occupied our current building since 1972. It has taken care of us since day one and we tirelessly maintain it. From energy efficient roofing to lighting, from compressors to our HVAC system – we have chosen efficient and sensible options never the cheapest.

We support local industry wherever we can and find it incredibly gratifying to have developed relationships with the second and third generations of the owners.  Quality and service can never be replicated.

Lastly, the Swiss Tool family has never lost sight of its blessings. We proudly support, participate and endorse the Cycle for Survival and the wonderful people at Lung Cancer Research Foundation (Formerly Free To Breathe).

Swiss Tool has made all of these decisions not because they save us money – but because it makes sense.  Because it’s the right thing to do.