To All of Our Valued Friends,

In 1957 Swiss Tool was founded on two principles: the pride in one’s craft and the sanctity of one’s word. Since that point, we have provided the lighting industry with the highest quality extrusions possible with every transaction governed by the rules of a simple handshake. Swiss Tool’s story is the oral history of the lighting industry. From the American Express Building to Fenway, Reagan Airport to Yankee Stadium. We have seen it all and provided for it all.

The secret to a successful business though is the people and the way you take care of them. I can say without reservation that Swiss Tool has been blessed with the finest individuals to do business with. We would like to sincerely thank you all for your companionship along this journey. You made us better for it.

Time, unfortunately, is the one thing that none of us can seem to conquer. After over sixty­‐five combined years in the lighting industry, Hugo and I have decided for the first time in our lives to enjoy the fruits of our labor and retire to spend more time with our families and to chase some of those crazy dreams that we all put off. It is my hope that the Red Sox have room on 2019’s roster for a fifty-year-old centerfielder.

To this end Swiss Tool will be accepting orders until January 4th. We will make our best efforts to arrange for the shipment of all orders placed by that date. Should we be able to be of any further service or clarification in any matter, as always, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In closing, it is our sincerest hope that Hugo and I have maintained the high standard set forth by our founders and have fulfilled your needs beyond the farthest reaches of your expectations. We thank you for the privilege of doing business with you all. G-­‐d speed and G-­‐d bless.